Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy St David's Day!

Happy St David's Day to you all. Here's a little treat I found on YouTube: I have just sung along with it, I even went up at the end, and my extremely Welsh mother would be proud of me.

To continue with our Welsh theme, I've just signed up for a place on this writers' retreat at Ty Newydd in North Wales and have been told I'll be sleeping in the room that Lloyd George slept in when he stayed there (apparently he died downstairs, though. Which is, I think, a relief). There are still a few more places left, if anyone else fancies a week of writing and reflection in the company of me, and some bloke called Patrick Gale: let me know if you're planning to attend.


Old Kitty said...


I listened to the clip but didn't even attempt to sing along to it but as I enjoy choir music anyway - this was lovely and so were the collection of pics that went with it!

The writing retreat sounds amazing "with some bloke called Patrick Gale" - LOL! Money and cat constraints say I may never do such a thing in my lifetime but I do hope to read about your experiences (that's why I love blogging!!!) and if not - then I hope you have a great time in April!

Take care

Nicola Morgan said...

I'd love to go on that retreat but it will be too soon after moving house and I've got events / launch to prepare so I wouldn't be able to concentrate. (And, if I was there I would spend all the time distracting you.) Hope you have a lovely and constructive time!

Jane Smith said...

I was considering keeping quiet about the retreat, just to make sure none of my friends booked up too (because if Nicola went, say, or Sally Zigmond, I know I'd get far less work done than I want to): but then I thought of the awkwardness of turning up and finding them there, thinking they'd got away from me for a few days, and thought it best to come clean.

And I LOVE that singing. It makes me feel so very happy, in a nostalgic, sounds-of-my-childhood way. My mother was a professional singer, and I had a few voice lessons (as well as her constant coaching): for a while, I sang rather well. Now I'm all shouty and loud with a very poor technique, but if the song's not too difficult or high I can put on a good enough show. It's just as well, though that we live in such a remote place or our neighbours would object.