Friday, 13 November 2009

Learn Writing With Uncle Jim: A Celebration

Six years ago today, a discussion called Learn Writing With Uncle Jim began on the Absolute Write message board. The Uncle Jim in question is SF writer James D Macdonald, who is perhaps better known as Yog, of Yog's Law fame. Learn Writing With Uncle Jim has now expanded into a second volume, and has grown into one of the most useful discussions about writing that there is.

If you write fiction then you will find things in it which will help you. If you write non-fiction, then you probably will too. If you're not sure it's for you, have a look at this partial index of the discussion and I'll bet that you'll find something there which interests you; if you'd like to read all of Mr Macdonald's posts without comments from other readers you can find them here; and if, confronted with all that linky goodness you find the discussion's length and detail a little daunting, just dip into it. Start reading. You'll soon see what I mean.

And while you're at Absolute Write, have a little look around: you might find a celebration or two going on. And if you would like to thank Mr Macdonald for his help and encouragement, then there's a something you can do which is guaranteed to please him: buy his books.


Mac said...

The Uncle Jim thread is what brought me to AW, and why I stayed, once I was there. :) It really is a master's class in writing commercial novels.

Wayne Kernochan said...

Uncle Jim rocks.

Imogen said...

Good stuff, i will come back to this to read more! And anyone who gives "The Unstrung Harp" a plug wins a vote from me.

My word verification today is "trovent" - something a trovador finds while he's warbling away in Langue d'Oc?!