Monday, 2 November 2009

I Am Working On A Website!

I know, I know. As if I don't have enough trouble maintaining this blog without tearing my hair out, I now have a website.

There's not much in it right now, and it looks rather, well, dull. But over the next couple of weeks I'll be stuffing it chock-full of all sorts of publishing-related goodness, and will do my best to glue some sparkly stuff onto it so that it looks a lot nicer.

If anyone would like to volunteer their technical expertise to help me make it look just a little more interesting I'd be thrilled. It would stop me bunging up the internet with Copydex and glitter, too.


j purdie said...

I knew you'd succumb to the dark side of WordPress eventually.

csmith said...

Um... ickle spelling mistake -- apparently Writer Beware exposes "Scanners"... interesting, if vaguely robot-erotica-esque.


DOT said...

I would if I could and I am sure I am able - in fact, I've just downloaded all the software necessary, but, but, but it will, oh! but I am tempted, take me ages to fiddle around, it would be interesting, don't you think, but such a distraction.

Derek said...

I don't know anything about wordpress, but it would be nice to have a splash of color and a few pictures here and there!

Jill said...

I just revamped my site (atucally I had a friend of a friend do it for me). My old website was so low tech it was embarrassing! This new one is much better. It is simple, plain and straightforward.

SO that's my suggestion - keep it simple - at least for now.

Wehn I check out a site, I want to find what I'm looking for and not be irked my pop-ups and pop-outs and animation, etc. Leave all the "bells and whistles" for video games!

Cheers, Jill

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Since the point of your .com is to inform [as a sort of writer’s resource] I think it’s fine if it’s a little dull. Writer will more likely take it as gospel or as the well-intended advice you mean it to be.
All the very best.

Lorna F said...

Having resisted for years ('Oh no, I couldn't possibly ...!') I've just spent the best part of two months creating and refining my own website, using Mr Site as my host. Many a tear has been shed, believe me! I'm a complete technophobe but have found myself learning how to do things I'd never attempted before - things that others would find laughably simple, no doubt. Mr Site is both easy to use and damned difficult as you can't always get the format to look right. Even when my teenage son was roped in to help, he found himself stymied. Now, though, although it's not the most sophisticated site in the world, I'm pleased with it: I've aimed for a certain look and have added images to each page that are simple but have meaning. The text is nice and clear. The hope is that, as the film says, 'If you build it, they will come.' I found the blogger template much easier to work with and have run my blog for a couple of years with very little trouble. By the way, I have a link to you on my blog and find the directness of both your blog and Sally Zigmond's appealing. I wish you all the best as you develop your website and I'll send my blog readers your way. Lorna - and

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a little glitter? Throw in some fairy dust while you're at it. People say gaudy like it's a bad thing!!

Congrats on your new venture!!

j purdie said...

With WordPress no Blue Petering is necessary (with or without glitter) as there are lots that have been made earlier:

One of the beauties of WordPress is that you can waste lots of time trying out themes.

If you're willing to shell out $50 (around £30) for the home edition Artisteer is a really good and simple program that can export WordPress themes that you can design more or less from scratch. A demo is available at

although it is a 60 Meg download which would no doubt clog up your dial up connection for the best part of a week.

Unknown said...

I have authored (published ) 5 collections of verse & still don't have the faintest idea about how to get my Publisher make my 6th see the light of day!
I can share your anguish...

Unknown said...

Visit my blogs:
and see for yourself
and do leave a comment.

Keef said...

I'll shortly be launching a website for writers who want websites. We'll be offering a custom-designed front-end linked to a standard backend where you can maintain your profile, uploaded info and sample chapters for your book projects, post news stories, blog posts and picture galleries, and lots of other juicy stuff.

And no, of course it's not free!