Monday, 27 April 2009

Full Of The Joys Of Spring

What a lovely day I had yesterday!

The clouds parted, briefly, and while the sun shone a sheep gave birth to twins about twenty yards away from my study window. Both babies are now staggering about and feeding nicely, and I have named them Lamb and Lamb. Like all their contemporaries they will grow up into dense and chunky adolescents which are always oddly unattractive: but for now, they look remarkably sweet and for the next few, brief weeks, I shall adore them.

Our daffodil bank is finally blooming (yes, I know they're later than everybody else's but that's what happens when you plant daffodils up on the moors), and it looks glorious. My son took some photos yesterday morning and when he gets back from school I shall attempt to peel them off his mobile phone and post them here, so you can contrast them with my snow picture.

And I noticed that my stat-counter passed the 50,000 mark at some point during the weekend (it hit 15,000 on New Year's Eve, to put it in context). Either my husband has been feeling sorry for me again and has made his secretary sit there and hit refresh two hundred times a day, or a few of you are reading my posts. Thank you, all, for bothering. I am very pleased.


JP_Fife said...

Cloudy cold and raining: Spring here in Scotland too.

none said...

I noticed on Saturday that our neighbours' beech hedge is now in leaf. Lovely soft, new leaves, some still crinkly from the bud. If even the beech is out, it must be Spring!

HelenMWalters said...

It's pouring with rain here! Not sure how well my springlike tulips will survive the downpour.

none said...

Eh, we've had to turn our heating back on!

catdownunder said...

It rained here too. My paws got wet!
It is autumn for us. We want rain, lots of rain. I don't mind if my paws get wet. If you don't want your rain we still need some more.

Jane Smith said...

Bah. The rain fell down, my daffodil photos didn't turn out, and it's been grey and foggy ever since.

I am feeling a lot less joyous today: we've had builders here all day (again...) and they've been cutting through a stone wall next to my study. I've got nothing done all day and am officially grumpy, but the hallway (where the builders are opening up a narrow doorway into an arch) looks brilliant.

David Dittell said...


Glad to be one of those new post-New Year's readers. I've learned a lot here.

I'm in LA, so March-November is always spring peaking onto summer. It's wonderful, but I don't quite get to feel the rush of the change in season.