Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Few Common Misconceptions About Writing

I've just read a funny post about some common misconceptions about writing over on D. Lynn Frazier's blog, which you can read here.

And look, I've added a new toy: you can now rank all of my blog posts. I agonised for at least seven minutes over what labels to use but I'm open to suggestions for more appropriate choices. Blogger allows me to use up to four, and I would prefer nothing too abusive.


writtenwyrdd said...

Thank you for linking to me!

Jane Smith said...

You're welcome--it's a good post.

Sally Zigmond said...

I met a lady who had been writing for yonks without ever having had anything published. She told me this was because she had yet to find an editor she could trust. "I know for a fact," she whispered, "that all editors steal ideas from the submissions they are sent and then write the article/story themselves or get a crony to do it. Happens all the time."

Yeah. Right.

Jane Smith said...

Yes, because ideas are the hard part, and writing is the easy part. It's only words and commas, after all.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, the Ha! has escaped already.

Big Fat Lion.