Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It Must Be Awards Season....

Michael Stelzner, of Writing White Papers, is now asking for nominations for his fourth annual Top 10 Blogs For Writers contest.

He asks for nominations to be made via his comments, and will allow only one vote per person. You have to provide a link to the blog you're voting for; and explain why you think it deserves a place in the top ten. To get into the shortlist, blogs will have to have more than one vote. Nominations close on 11 September, which will arrive far sooner than we all expect.

I shall nominate Writer Beware, or perhaps Nicola Morgan's blog (I'm struggling to decide which one to go for, because they're both great). It's up to the rest of you what you vote for: but anyone who votes for my blog will, of course, be my new best friend and receive virtual chocolate.

1 comment:

Nicola Morgan said...

Awww, Jane. even to be a runner-up in your estimation is enough for me! The fact that I've just been given some truly amazing chocolate from Avignon (available only in Avignon and Tokyo), and that it's waiting for you here, should not sway you at all. Because whoever you vote for I will save you some. I haven't time to go and see Michael's site till early Sept, but I will.

Chocolate was given to me by Corsican aunt of daughter's French boyfriend. Long may that relationship last. It (the chocolate) looks sen-sa-tion-al. Of course, i have not tasted yet, but only because I've just cleaned my teeth.