Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bad Science: The Giveaway

Oops. I should have blogged about this last week. Sorry about that.

Following on from my rather slapdash, ranty review of it, copies of Ben Goldacre's wonderful book Bad Science have been reserved for Catdownunder, for this great blog post; for Sally Zigmond, for the beautifully-phrased rant about diabetes which she left in the comments stream; and to Big Fat Lion, for amusing me when I really needed some cheer.

If you could email me your real-life addresses ("hprw at tesco dot net" should reach me; stick "HPRW Bad Science" or something similar in the subject-line so I don't mistake you for spam), I'll make sure your copies are delivered post-haste. Remember to review them once you've read them, if you can: the more people who read Ben's book the better.


catdownunder said...

Thankyou Jane. I was not intending to enter for anything. It just happens to be a topic I feel strongly about. Interestingly I have just seen a book advertised in a catalogue, "Corrupted Science" by a John Grant. It looks like another potentially interesting read when I can find it.

Sally Zigmond said...

Thank you, Jane. I look forward to reading and blogging about it.

I have plenty of other things to rant about. You only have to ask.

none said...

Congrats to the winners! :)