Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Trouble With Comments

I've had a few reports lately that people have had trouble posting comments on my blog. While Blogger doesn't report any issues with the comments feature I've seen similar issues reported on other blogs, and so do wonder if something's up.

I'm keen to correct this as the comments and discussions that go on here are the best part of this blog; and while the blog has been attracting a huge number of hits lately, there haven't been as many comments as I would have expected based on the viewing figures.

I've temporarily disabled the word verification feature on the comments system, which might make things a little easier: but if you still can't get your comment to go through, just email it to me at "HPRW at tesco dot net" and I'll see if I can post it myself. Remember to use a sensible subject line for your comment so I don't confuse your message for spam; and make sure you include your name, and your blog or website address if you have one, so I can add your details to your comment.


Anonymous said...

Jane, are you using the "embed below post" option (in customise > settings > comments)? This seems to have refresh issues for some web browsers. Changing to the "pop-up window" or "full page" option might improve matters. I don't think the word-verification thing is the cause of the problems.

Jane Smith said...

Captain, I was using the option you described, so I've changed it to the "full page" one now and we'll see if it makes a difference. Thank you for the help!

green_knight said...

Yay, comments!

(I can use the full page or popup on my Mac, but the embedded form just would not work, and nobody at Blogger appears to be interested in the problem.)

Jane Smith said...

GK, sorry the embedded form didn't work for you: I think it looks more elegant but if it stops people joining in then it's not doing its job. I'll stick with this format from now on.

I'm glad you're here!