Saturday, 22 November 2008

Calling Finland

Daniel Blythe has written all sorts of books, including I Hate Christmas and a novel or two (he’s writing a new Dr Who novel now, and I want to read it as soon as it’s done). He has some books to give away, and I’ve offered to help. But before you get too excited, there's a catch….

My lovely Finnish publishers have generously sent me 8 copies of "Vihaan Joulua", the brand new Finnish paperback version of "I Hate Christmas". It's the book for lovers and haters of the festive season, with a humorous take on all the traditions and anecdotes we know and love.

They're no good to me, as sadly it's not a language I read—so if anyone has any Finnish friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc. who'd appreciate a copy, please let me know, together with an address where I can send it, and it'll be mailed out next week and should be in time for Christmas!

I'm giving them away, but if you do want to give anything in acknowledgement then please donate an amount of your choosing to either of the charities I support: the Sheffield Children's Hospital and Epilepsy Action.
If anyone would like to take Daniel up on his kind offer, email me at “hprw at tesco dot net” with "Finland Calling" in your subject line, and I’ll forward your message to him.

If you don't read Finnish, Daniel has a new writing course starting in Sheffield next January which is well worth attending (his courses run over two ten-week terms, and cover all aspects of writing and getting published); and from February he’s going to be available for school talks (book early—he’s very popular, since he writes Dr Who novels and has his own sonic screwdriver). Details should be on his website, and he now owes me at least a fiver.


Jane Smith said...

Five copies of Daniel's Finnish translation have now been claimed.

Anyone else?

Daniel Blythe said...

Thanks, Jane! I'm pleased I've been able to send some to a good home. It's amazing they sent so many - I've only ever had two copies of other foreign rights editions.

Jane Smith said...

You're welcome. Just remember to tell me when Autonomy is published so I can buy a copy for my children.

writtenwyrdd said...

If I only spoke Finnish...