Friday, 18 July 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year....

The schools' summer holidays begin today so for the next six weeks, I'm going to have little time to post.

I'm going to aim at posting just twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Do still let me know if there's anything you'd like me to discuss: you can use my email address on the front page if you'd rather do this privately (and thank you for all the suggestions so far), and remember to add your suggestions to my essential reading list. I'll respond to all your comments, but it might take me a bit more time than usual.

Thank you all for the fabulous support you've given me so far. I hope to be back at full posting strength from the middle of September.


HelenMWalters said...

It looks like you've got loads of useful and fascinating stuff here. I'll definitely be popping back.

Annie Wicking said...

I've enjoyed reading all your posting, Jane...

Good luck with the school hoildays hopefully you won't lost your mind and come back to us in one

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time but I wish you were here.

Jane Smith said...

Oh, girls! Thank you all for your kind comments.

You can always reach me by email or by commenting here, if there's anything you want to ask me.

I've not gone far (I never do) but I am forced to spend time with my children during the school holidays, and that does not always lend itself well to clarity of thought, which is why I'm slowing down a bit.

Oh, and despite the rumours, this slowing down has nothing to do with margaritas, by the way. I just want that made completely clear.


DOT said...

I hope for your sake that the summer is long and sunny.

In the days when I had plenty, I used to take my two girls to Greece for three weeks. Bliss.

On the topic of self-help books, I am something of septic. I see you have a long list, so you must believe them of some worth. Are they?

Jane Smith said...

Dot, I think that some books about writing and publishing are great. Years ago, when I'd only just started writing, I found "Taking Reality by Surprise" and it made a huge difference to my work. I prefer books like that one--collections of personal stories--to the more prescriptive rule books; but I know of many writers who disagree, and like the books which take a stricter view.

The answer is, then, the worth of those books depends: on the book, on the person reading it, and what they need at the time.

Overall, I doubt that books about writing can make a writer out of a talentless no-hoper, but they can accellerate those with some talent and a willingness to apply themselves a few stages along the road.


Wenlock Books said...

Couldn't find your email address, hope you see this. I noticed your comment on the mostly books blog and wondered if I might know your sister, Jane? Also, do come and visit and say "Hi" next time you are in Wenlock. I shall put a link fromn your blog to mine. All the best, Anna Dreda, Wenlock Books.

Jane Smith said...

Anna, how lovely to hear from you! Just last night I was planning a new blog post about independent bookshops and realised it would be almost entirely about how wonderful your shop is, and how well you do what you do there.

I'm sure you know my sister, as when we've been in your shop together you've chatted: I'll email you privately and tell you her name.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know Wenlock Books: it's a fabulous book shop in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Downstairs you'll find new books, and upstairs are the second-hand ones, along with a big circular table which on Saturday mornings seems to be full of coffee and cakes and people reading books. Wenlock Books organises brilliant readings and wonderful literary events of all kinds, won the title of Independent Bookseller of the Year for 2006 (I think), and is one of my favourite places. Take a detour to it and spend a lot of money there. You'll be pleased you did.