Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fiction Masterclass, 2010

I don't often endorse writing courses here: there are so many of them, and so many are of very questionable value. But the "Fiction Masterclass: Make Your Novel A Reality" from London Writers' Club looks absolutely fabulous, and I have no hesitation in advising you all to consider signing up. Just be warned that it begins next Monday, February 1 so you'll have to move quickly to make sure of a place (there are just a few still available). The Masterclass takes the form of a phone conference so you can take part no matter where you are in the country (or, possibly, the world!); and the people behind London Writers' Club are established publishing professionals with years of editing and agenting experience behind them. It's bound to be good.

There are many good creative writing classes and writers retreats but at London Writers' Club we wanted a modern, time-effective and practical solution to help people to get their books written.

We also thought, wouldn’t it be fab if we could give budding writers access to first-rate publishing industry advice without leaving their homes.

Learning from the sofa. How noughties can you get!

We decided that a teleconferenced series of classes with the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers was the way to go.

And so Make Your Novel a Reality in 2010 was born.

Over the four-week course we've developed, we’ll take writers from concept through structure and narrative and then we’ll make them aware of the publishing process and finally, let them into some secrets of how to secure an agent.

Lots of authors don’t have agents and will find it near impossible to get one nor can they afford to hire an editor so we're excited to create this opportunity for authors to get close to a prime selection of publishing professionals – be they author, publisher or agent. We've got them all on this course.

There's Matt Whyman who is a master of writing sustainably. He writes young adult fiction, is an agony uncle and has just signed a major book deal for a book on living with minipigs.

And Emma Rose who has commissioned and edited many fabulous books with Arrow.

Naomi Wood, whose debut novel, The Godless Boys, will be published in 2011 by Picador. Naomi has an MA in Creative Writing from UEA and continued with a PhD in Critical and Creative Writing.

And last but not least, the hugely experienced, Kirsty Mclachlan who has been agenting for over twenty years – and now works at DGA Ltd as a literary and film/tv agent.

Together they will tackle nuggety issues such as:

* How do you know your idea will work?
* So many ideas, but which one to choose?
* When to give up, when to persevere.
* How do you know if an idea is good enough to go with?
* Do blocks and skids mean the idea is no good or do you push harder to make it work?
* Writing goals and good habits, how to knuckle down.
* How do you take your novel from dream to reality?
* How important is the zeitgeist?
* Are there identifiable trends and if so how can you be sure you are
writing something that will sell?
* What is this thing called concept and why is it important?
* And as for writing in a fresh and unique voice, how on earth do you
get that right?

They will also explain:

* How to ensure you’re hitting the right note.
* How to get your idea to market.
* How not to blow your chances by pitching in the wrong way.

And we'll delve into what publishers are looking for, how much work will an agent do on your manuscript, what happens once an agent takes you on and then what will an editor do for you?

Phew, there's even more.

We understand that publishing is a large impenetrable beast to those wanting to break in and we'll do our best to lay its secrets bare.

You'll find more details here.

We are limiting numbers to make this course cosy so do submit your booking enquiry now if you would like to apply for a place.

On with the writing then, and good luck with it.

Jacqueline Burns
London Writers Club


Nicola Morgan said...

And Matt Whyman is a friend of mine and will definitely be great. Sounds like a really clever idea.

Jenzarina said...

'Living with minipigs'... I'd buy that.