Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Pitch Parlour

Here's an interesting new blog. Miss Pitch has probably shuffled more slush than she cares to remember. Send your work in, and then brace yourself.

Let me know if your work is showcased there, and I'll go and have a look.


Dan Holloway said...

Jane, thank you for this link. I have sent my sub in to be shredded. Thank you for the link. Will let you know if I'm lucky enough to get a public flogging over there :-)

Dan Holloway said...

Jane, my query has appeared over there. Would be lovely for people to go and murder it (please, though, not the typos in the letter, I feel hideorrendous enough about that - too much haste trying to get the submission in before the site got swamped - another object lesson!)

Should anyone actually enjoy any of it, the whole novel is a free download at

Stephen Kozeniewski said...

Jane, my query packet for "Graveyard Flower" was posted over there. An excellent exercise, thanks for the tip.