Saturday, 6 June 2009

I'm Redecorating

If you notice links going missing over the next few days or various bits and pieces changing, don't worry: I'm just moving things round a little. I should have it all done in a week or two. Meanwhile if anyone would like to suggest improvements to the layout I'd be happy to hear them. I'd particularly like a good image to use in the heading to the blog, if anyone could suggest something. A printing press; a pile of movable type; something like that. Nice old publishing stuff. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

I think a nice potted plant would be nice. Maybe some cookies and chocolate martinis? And a foot rub. Yes, that would definitely spruce up the place.

Jane Smith said...

Mrs Behler Blog: that Nicola Morgan is still harping on about those chocolate martinis and your reluctance to supply the recipe to her. Just thought you ought to know. And yes, I think an automatic foot-rub whenever anyone visits here would do wonders for my viewing stats, only everyone would have to stand in line behind me as I would DEFINITELY hog that facility.

Everyone apart from the aforementioned Mrs Morgan, that is: I don't she'd appreciate a footrub if it jumped up and offered to promote her latest book, because I've seen the shoes she wore to her launch party and they have killer heels. She must have feet made out of cast iron, and a will to match. A foot rub would be wasted on her.

Barb said...

Some suggested images:

Nicola Morgan said...

Look, this is unacceptable: I go on-line and do you the favour/honour (that's "honor" to you, Lynn) of increasing your stats by deigning to visit your blog and what do I find? The two of you (well, Jane anyway) talking about me. I would absolutely appreciate a foot-rub, and the fact that I can stand the pain of sexy shoes and you can't (weaklings. Call yourself women?) should not preclude me from such necessities.

Jane, there is no way in which your esteemed blog could be improved. It is quite perfect already. (And by the way, at least half the "hits" are me.) And when are you coming to Edinburgh, you appalling Yorkshire southerner?

Jane Smith said...

Tell me, Mrs Morgan: would you prefer us to NOT talk about you and your shoes? Eh? Thought so.

I'm hoping to come up in a couple of weeks, to visit my new nephew-in-law, bless his little Scottish heart. I hear he's gorgeous, and needs a lot of sleep being only a couple of weeks old, which will leave me plenty of time to stalk you and your sexy boots. Ha!

Jane Smith said...

(By the way, thank you, Barb, for making a REASONABLE comment here. You make a pleasant change from the rest of the rabble, and your contribution is most appreciated.)

catdownunder said...

Oh dear Jane I am sorry that I have already snitched the best image of all for my blog.
Of course, if you really want to show us the way that it is, there will be a desk piled so high with paper it is in danger of sliding off, multiple 'phones ringing, a blank computer screen and a dead (computer) mouse. The publisher sits in the middle with hair sticking out in all directions, pullover on back to front, odd socks and a stunned look....having just found the biggest and best selling novel of the century.
What do you mean you cannot find a picture like that?

Nicola Morgan said...

Lynn, choccy martini? It's just you and me.

(PS oh fine, Jane, do talk about me and my shoes if you MUST. And please don't come up in the week beginning 15th, as I am totally not here. And I do want to see you, really, even if you do wear geog teacher shoes.)

Bradley Robb said...

I don't know if you're going to be changing the color scheme, and these came in a sepia, which certainly adds to the sense of age.

With smaller title, bottom left, san serif font:

With larger san serif font, fit on to typerwriter negative space:

Elen C said...

I'm a bit late to this one, so I hope you're still reading the posts!
I think you could do a lot worse than some paper art. Perhaps this guy would let you use some of his pictures. They are beautiful:
peter callesen

Jane Smith said...

I read ALL my comments, Elen, don't worry. Even if I don't respond to all of them (there are only so many hours in each day).

I've changed the template that the blog uses, but still haven't found the right image to use on the header. I'll check out your links, and those that Bradley posted, now. Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

Possibly a bit over-used, but this image is quite amusing.