Sunday, 7 June 2009

Guest Post: Writing – A Definition For Cats

One of my regular commenters, Catdownunder, sent me this little snippet. I'm not sure that she meant me to post it here but I liked it so much I have. So there! You might also like to take a look at this blog post of hers in which she discusses her incredibly serious day-job: I wouldn't know where to start.

Writing – A Definition For Cats.

Writing is a self imposed invasion of your purrrsonal private space.

It is much more difficult than fur scrubbing or catching your dinner. It takes more courage. You bravely present your innermost pawsonal mewsings to a human: they would rather you presented them with a dead mouse.

Publishing – A Definition For Cats.

The reason humans cut down the trees we like to climb.


Barb said...

I enjoy Cat's post very much. The style is very insightful and makes you think.

catdownunder said...

Oh, thankyou. It's been a great party. Nobody trod on my paws. I even got gently patted. (That was really nice!)
More important, I went visiting and discovered all sorts of wonderful new places. I am even going back to some!
Thanks for the party Jane!

Sheila Norton said...

I laughed at this post. My cat Charlie has asked me to point out, also, that publishing provides lots of lovely lovely paper for him to scrunch up with his back paws. He's not sure why he does it. It just gives him a nice feeling.