Sunday, 7 June 2009

Don't Forget The Pitch Party!

As my bloggy birthday party draws to a close, all I can do is thank everyone who has taken part. I've posted all sorts of guest posts today and through them I've learned more than I need to about Michael Malone; I've been worried by Google Wave; I now know how cats approach writing; I've seen the issue of voice beautifully explained; and I realise that how ever bad it might be to be a writer, being a teacher has to be worse.

Victoria Strauss has rounded things off with a few wise words, which I wish more writers would take note of; and I'll direct you all once more to visit our birthday blogging pitch party. I've got a drink in my hand and there are more to follow. Thank you all for your encouragement, help and humour over this last year. It's been absolutely wonderful, and I couldn't have done it without you.


David Dittell said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Cool to see my own little contribution to the party, especially because I've become such a fan of the site, and I'll definitely be checking out Michael Malone from now on.

Jane Smith said...

He's good, isn't he? I might just watch out for him too. Thank you for your lovely piece, David: I'll be reading more from you, too.

Unknown said...

Jane, I had a great time today at your party. Thanks for the invite - incredibly generous of you to help some of us newbies gain more of an audience.

Maggie Dana said...


Belated birthday wishes. Sorry I wasn't here sooner to wish you many happy returns, but am at mercy of friends' PCs while in the UK and being a Mac person, I'm having a little trouble navigating my way around.

I was at the Writer's Handbook Live event yesterday and told quite a few people about your blog. Hope they check it out.



Jane Smith said...

Oh, shut up, Michael. It's been fun, all day, and it was purely selfish of me. So there.

(I do like your blog, by the way, and will be back.)

Jane Smith said...

And Maggie! Thank you for dropping by!

I wish I could have come to the Writer's Handbook thing too: we could have shared cake and gossipped quite unashamedly. Perhaps it's just as well that you went alone! Thank you for spreading the word about HPRW, by the way: you're far too kind.

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed the pitch party until Jane clued me in. I've checked out a few new blogs so far, and will check out a few more once i've done my writing for the day.

Cheers Jane :)

catdownunder said...


Glynn said...

Jane -- I got inspired and did a blog post on the party. And Happy Birthday!