Thursday, 12 February 2009

Buffy Squirrel Is My 100th Follower!

The lovely BuffySquirrel is the one hundreth person to decide follow this blog!

Thank you all for your support: it's especially welcome this week. I promise to be back soon, but right now I have to walk the dogs and dig the car out again so I can get out to collect the children and yep, it's snowing again.


none said...


Anonymous said...

Hey! What about us WordPressers who follow your blog? We're invisible to blogger/blogspot.

Jane Smith said...

JP, I hadn't thought of that.... Now I am struck by two conflicting ideas: that I might have offended all you poor WordPressers, and that I might also be FAR MORE POPULAR than I ever realised (I must be drunk for that last one to ocurr to me).

I have added a list of people who link to my blog: I'm happy to add you all there if that's a help. Meanwhile, I wonder if there's a way round this? Have you tried to add your blog address to the followers' list manually? I think it can be done... hope so.

Jane Smith said...

PS: look, Buffy's a RED squirrel!