Sunday, 18 January 2009

Congratulations To Victoria Strauss And Writer Beware!

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has awarded Victoria Strauss its 2009 Service Award in recognition of her work at Writer Beware (Ann Crispin, the other half of Writer Beware, has not been overlooked as she won the award a few years ago).

In the ten years since Writer Beware was founded, Victoria has revealed the realities of vanity publishers, scam agents and foolish publishing schemes to so many writers; and over and over again she's shown how to behave with dignity and wit in the face of rudeness, denials and disbelief. All this while writing her own novels, and upholding the high standards of respect and professionalism on the Bewares board of Absolute Write.

She's also found the time to encourage and support writers like me. I offer my most sincere congratulations to Victoria for this long-overdue award.


Victoria Strauss said...

Thanks for such a wonderful writeup, Jane. You made me blush!

BB said...

I second that emotion. Ann and Victoria have been a wonderful help and resource for all writers (budding and established). Long may they continue

Jane Smith said...

This blog wouldn't be half as good without all the information I've cribbed from Victoria over the years; or without the example she's set for so many of us.

Victoria, stop blushing and start looking smug. You deserve to. And while you're at it, you now owe me a fiver.