Friday, 19 September 2008

Perpetuating The Myths

While browsing recently, I found an article called How Amazon Could Change Publishing, written by Sramana Mitra. According to her biography she has no direct experience within publishing, and it shows.

Mitra’s article is full of the sort of errors that just ten minutes of basic research could have avoided. Most of her errors have already been addressed in the comments which follow the article, and as Nora Roberts has already made her feelings about the piece clear, I’m not going to rehash them here. Just read it, and be amazed.


Unknown said...

Interesting - does she work for Amazon btw?

Sally Zigmond said...

What a stupid article. I love the Internet (I wouldn't be here otherwise!) but you can find the most unmitigated bilge.

Everything the critical commentators say is true and as for endorsing iUniverse - Good God!

However, what no-one (as far as I can see) has commented on is the writer's endorsement of Amazon's recommendations. I like Amazon, although books from The Book Depository are often cheaper because doesn't charge for P&P, but their computer-generated recommendations based on previous purchases and what others who bought the same book also buy is rubbish. Not only have I never bought any of their recommendations, most I wouldn't touch with the proverbial bargepole. It doesn't take into account that many people buy books as presents. After I bought a CD for my son I was inundated for months with heavy metal and rock! Not me at all.