Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Submission Worries

  • Have I got my word-count right?
  • Have I used the right method for counting my words?
  • Should I start each chapter on a new page?
  • Should new chapters start half-way down the page, or just three or four carriage-returns down?
  • Should I centre my titles, or left-justify them?
  • What size font should I use for my titles?
  • Do editors prefer submissions in Courier or Times new Roman?
  • Why can’t I use a different font?
  • Should I use a pseudonym?
  • How do I make it clear that I use a pseudonym?
  • Can I quote other people in my book?
  • Should I have a website?
  • Should I have a blog?
  • Which is a better promotional tool: FaceBook or MySpace?
  • Should I put my work in a folder when I submit, or would a box be better?

All of these are valid questions. None are worth worrying about until you’ve actually written something worth publishing. Really.


Angela Ackerman said...

lol, so true. I've heard tho that a blog presence can be helpful in negotiating better PR monies, if one can show a large following, it encourages a publisher to put a bit more cashola into promotion...or is this a myth?

Jane Smith said...

Angela, I'm not sure that blog comments translate directly into a bigger PR spend, but they can come in useful, especially in selling non-fiction where you blog on a subject which is similar to your book proposal.

They're not obligatory, though: as always, the writing is the main thing, blogs and websites are subsidiary.