Thursday, 10 July 2008

E A Markham

I have only just read of the death earlier this year of E A Markham, who I was lucky enough to be taught by at Sheffield Hallam University.

You can read a little about him here, and here.

Archie's intuition, intelligence and mercurial mind made for fascinating workshop sessions which always overran, and tutorials (when you managed to pin him down long enough to arrange one) which cut right to the core of your work. After my sessions with Archie I would usually find myself with nothing more than a sentence or two left of a long story: and although such criticism would have hurt coming from anyone else, Archie always delivered his opinions with such charm, wit and persuasion that I always ended up feeling immensely flattered that he had taken the time to comment on my work.

Archie was an inspiring tutor, a wonderful writer, and a dear, if occasional, friend. I shall miss him dreadfully.

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